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Water Sport
Helping elite performers find flow state in the arena and in life
We take a unique and "Wholistic" approach to peak performance, looking at all aspects of body, mind, state, diet & spirit to achieve new levels of performance. 

Our philosophy is simple "No system in the body works in isolation, therefore should never be treated as such" 

Every athletes needs are different, so every program is tailored to the individual to be complimentary to their existing program. 





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We specialise in building a strategy around getting our athletes into flow states for not only competition, but we believe to be in flow on the field, we must be in flow off their field. So we work closely with our athletes in managing biomarkers during the weeks leading into and post competition.

We integrate a unique blend of sports psychology, spirituality, and zen philosophy into our coaching programs. We work in freeing the mind of what keep athletes "stuck" and help them step into their freedom and power. 

We help our athletes align spiritually, ensuring their entire life and performance is full of fulfilment, passion & purpose. We work on building ones identity, discovering the true and highest self, working with archetypes, developing meaning, and working with Qi energy and the universe and its laws. 

We typically make minor tweaks to ones diet from a more eastern / holistic approach where necessary. 


We help athletes develop new levels of advanced movement (from agility, mobility, flexibility, core strength, body mind connection) through the lens of yoga, pilates, qi gong, breath work, animal movement, functional movement & more.

Dave Nelson

Dave is the founder of the FLOW ST8 Method & Institute, bringing together his expertise from a range of modalities from the ancient east to the modern west. Dave is one of the most unique peak performance coaches in the world bringing all aspects of body, mind, state, diet & spirit into a single strategy. 


Paul Price

Paul Price spent his early career as a professional athlete as an Australian and World Champion squash player. Paul then went on to coach Australia at the Commonwealth Games and has spent the last 5 years as one of Australia's leading flow coaches coaching elite athletes, celebrities and executives all over the world . 



We become your cornerman. Typically working with athletes on a weekly call with 24/7 WhatsApp access and support for trouble shooting as needed. 


We do tailored workshops on a once off or on a regular basis. Common themes include finding flow states, leadership, mindfulness, breathe / meditation & advanced movement


We now offer full service integration into sporting organisations, typically working with teams over an entire season.

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