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"From the ancient East to the modern West, we've integrated the most cutting-edge strategies utilized by elite athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs. This approach spans across all aspects of the body, mind, state, spirit, and diet, making it accessible for the everyday person. We've crafted the most comprehensive total life optimization strategy in the world!

How the program works

We take you through 6 modules of self study, self discovery and planning (see below) as we then integrate you into a 28 day process that sees you bring all of the theory into your every day life! 

Module 1: Spiritual Alignment 

✅ Rediscover your true, unprogrammed identity and self

✅ Self audit, Strengths Analysis, Threats

✅ Get crystal clear on your values, goals, life path, purposes

✅ Own your archetypes and develop the alter ego to overcome adversity 

✅ Life path & personality profiling 

✅ Recreate the self, develop your sense of style, personality, mission 

✅ Design a life that is fulfilling, impactful and inspiring

Module 2: Mental frameworks

✅ Learn to self heal and mend broken relationships with our 5 part break through process

✅ Release life's attachments, resentments, judgements and desires that keep you out of the moment
✅ Develop the champions mindset with sports psychology techniques ​

✅ Develop a zen mindset and state of being to rise as a leader in the family, work space and community

✅ Face challenge and stress like a stoic

Module 3: Holistic Athlete Protocol

✅ Restore movement, fix niggling pains 
✅ Bulletproof the joints with athlete style movement prep
✅ Develop all round athleticism with our Mixed Modality Training on Demand which includes Yoga, Mobility, Pilates, Strength training, Sports Conditioning & more
✅ Strip fat and build lean muscle with the most cutting edge lifting strategies used by Hollywood & Athletes

Module 4: High Performance Nutrition

✅ Boost the immune system and unlock energy with our anti inflammatory protocols

✅ Heal the gut improving digestive, blood and Qi flow

✅ Eat to maximise test production and get back your vigour

Module 5: State Management

✅ Schedule audits to 2 x productivity and give you back hours each week 

✅ Design flow state blocks each day to 14 x increase creativity and improve performance 

✅ Manage the nervous system to recovery like an athlete

✅ Optimise sleep, vagal tone, heart rate variability 

✅ Morning calibrations, life scheduling, daily reviewing

Module 6: Putting it all together

✅ Integrate the 5 Modules into your Daily & Weekly Masterplan ensuring we program them for long lasting change in an easy to manage daily check list

✅ Access the community, accountability, Q&A support

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All Inclusive

- Access to the FLOW ST8 App for all of your training, meditation & Breathwork . 

- Lifetime access to the Daily Mastery Blue Print that integrates and programs long term results

- Q&A Support & Mentorship to ensure you execute the plan flawlessly 

Normally $599 
Todays offer $89

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