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Welcome to the FLOW ST8 Experience! 

To enhance your journey we highly recommend downloading the Ebook and watching the following videos to help calibrate the Body, Mind, State, Spirit & Diet



In this video we help you understands the depths of the method so you can best design your weeks! We also have a tracking sheet below for those who want to take their power hour training to the next level! The idea of every workout should be to progress! 


Learn about the basics of the Flow Diet. You'll be amazed how much the diet effects the results of the physical practice and your mindset! No element in the body works alone, so it makes no sense to train just one aspect!


Free the mind with our Taoist inspired principles around mastering your inner game. The Taoist discovered the concept of "flow" 2500 years ago and their perspectives are more relevant and effective today than ever. 


The flow state in considered by psychologists as the peak state of performance and many philosophers believe living in flow is the most blissful human states. As science begins to catch up to spirituality, it is now clearly understood how we can setup our days and weeks to thrive!

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